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Laura Ryder

Elite Fear Free Certified Professional
Member of the Fear Free Speakers Bureau
Cert IV Dog Behaviour Training (Delta)
Cert IV Training & Assessment
Full member of APDT
Full member of PPG
Laura has over 20 years’ experience working in a busy veterinary clinic as Head Dog Trainer and Behaviour Consultant.

She has presented both locally and overseas to the AVA, VNCA, IMDT, APDT (USA) and PPG on a wide range of dog behaviour and training topics – she talks passionately about all things ‘dog’!

Laura’s four Border Terriers, Wicket, Malani, Lando and Rogue are regular presenters too - they love their role as ‘demo dogs’ - playing games and having fun!


Fiona Cowie

Proprioception Instructor (L1)
Cert IV Training and Assessment

Fiona started training dogs over 18 years ago and also worked as a professional detector dog handler for almost 14 years. In 2015 she started business as The Doggy Lady,  offering pet dog owners the chance to train their dogs in scent detection in a fun learning environment. Her passion is helping people learn to communicate with their dogs and foster a fun and trusting relationship. Since then she has expanded to a full range of pet dog training and behaviour services including proprioception.

Fiona travelled to the United Kingdom in 2016 to attend the the Institute of Modern Dog Trainers (IMDT) conference, attend training and undertake her assessment with the IMDT. She qualified as a full member of  the IMDT and was so impressed wth both the training and culture of the organisation that she has worked to bring its benefits to Western Australian trainers. She says the IMDT not only offers her clients a guarantee of exceptional training skills (members must pass a stringent re-assessment every two years) and a high standard of ethics but also offers her a level of support and access to knowledge that is unsurpassed.


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