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Simply Seaweed are whoesalers of quality Aschophyllum nodosum to the Australian vet and pet industry, for use with dogs and cats as a dental care dietary supplement.
Our mission is to improve the dental hygiene of pet dogs and cats by providing a finacially affordable, easily accessible and easy to use producty to the community of Australia.
We price ourselves on being ethically-minded and environmentally friendly, and enjoy supporting other small and local businesses as well as not-for-profit organisatons.



Kong founder, Joe Markham, loved his trained police dog, Fritz, but did not love his destructive chewing habits. Where other dogs might have chewed your shoes or favourite purse, Fritz loved to crunch on rocks, sticks and other harmful items. Fritz’s teeth were wearing down and his need for stimulation and play was not being met, and Joe was frustrated.
One day while working on a VW bus, Joe began throwing out car parts to lure Fritz away from those rocks. Fritz was immediately taken with a rubber suspension part and dropped in in to Joe’s lap to play. The erratic bounce and toughness of the rubber inspired Joe.
We’ve been making KONGs from our own proprietary, pet-safe, built-to-chew rubber ever since. Dogs love KONG. The way it bounces keeps them engaged and ready to play, it has a soft mouth feel for a satisfying chew, and of course, is super durable. Owners love KONG too; they can stuff it, throw it, leave it out in the yard – KONG keeps coming back for more.


SkinnyDog Pet Treats began when co-founders Danielle and Sarah realised there were few, if any, ethically sourced, natural pet treats available in Western Australia. With their own pets’ health, factory farming and animal ethics in mind SkinnyDog Pet Treats was created.
SkinnyDog Pet Treats promises to supply natural pet treats that are made from pasture raised, free range, organic and sustainable sources, and are Western Australian wherever possible. They are 100% single ingredient and contain no additives, preservatives or growth hormones.
The end result is a pet treat that doesn’t just hold up to high standards of ethical integrity, but also contains a high quality of meat, meaning your pet will be healthier and happier.


The course consists of fun obstacles, suitable for dogs of all ages and training abilities. It is a non-competitive sport, focusing on teamwork between dog and owner, with a major emphasis on FUN!
The online manul gives profressional dog trainers an easy to use formula for creating and running their own Canine Adventure Courses.



Snuffle Mats - are designed to extend our dogs mealtime with our dog’s favourite thing to do which is sniffing. Cats can use them too!
Tug Ropes - are used to interact with your dog
Hoopers - are dog training equipment for canine sport called "Hoopers"



Statement Apparel & more for force free dog trainers and pet guardians lovingly handmade in Perth, Western Australia. The Furry Gremlins was created for the love of dogs & standing up for their rights to be treated ethically and fairly in a human world.

Our designs are unique to TFG - we have a wide range of R+ dog training themed shirts, hoodies & stickers as well as your fun and more casual dog mum & dad creations which feature custom drawings of your pup and more.


I believe all pets deserve the best, and hope my small business and the range I carry helps people spoil their Diva Pet, being the best pet parents they can be and providing ideas and products to enrich the lives of their pets and their family.

All of the products I stock are tried and tested by my faithful quality control team (Buddy and Soda), and I'm always looking for new niche products to add to my range.


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