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Dates:  19th, 20th, 21st & 22nd August 2024 Duration:    4 days: 9am to 3pm    Perth Venue:   Dogswest Grounds Warton Road, Southern River WA The four day Practical... [ Read more ]


19th, 20th, 21st & 22nd August 2024

4 days: 9am to 3pm
 Perth Venue:
Dogswest Grounds
Warton Road, Southern River WA

The four day Practical Dog instructors Course is a real hands on course designed to give candidates practical coaching skills in the group class environment.

Attendees are welcome to bring their own dogs, if attendees are unable to bring a dog to the course there may be opportunity to work with a dog attending the course.

An enjoyable and intensive 4 days of practical coaching. The stepping stone many students need between knowledge gained and experience gained.

4 Day Practical Instructors Course content:

coaching exercises
methods and exercises to teach in class
group class exercises for beginners to advanced
how to 'teach' , not just steward
observational skills
class planning, layout and dynamics
structuring the class
applying solid learning theory to practical classes
teaching real people with real dogs

* ALL attendees receive a comprehensive workbook covering many exercises and techniques to use in class!*

Cost $770

Students are encouraged to bring their own dog. The course is suitable for dogs who are dog social and people social, and are confident working in a group environment, crate trained and happy being trained by fellow students. Please feel free to contact our team via email to discuss your dog's suitability or if you have any questions about the course structure.

For those who do not have a suitable dog, or are travelling and not able to bring their dog, we have several dogs available who are always happy to work with new people!


Thank you to our partners:

Tickets are non-refundable but can be transferred to another person (please advise IMDT Australia if this is to be the case, providing the new attendee’s name and contact details)

Working with dogs involves potential risks, on booking this course, all attendees accept that they interact with any any demo dogs in attendance at their own risk.
Filming and Photography is not permitted without the express permission of IMDT Australia.
IMDT Australia reserves the right to change the content, timing, date, venue or presenter of the course in order to provide a high quality service or where it is necessary for reasons beyond our control. IMDT  Australia reserves the right to cancel a course up to and including the date of the course and will strive to give as much notice of this as possible. IMDT Australia will not be liable for any losses or expenses arising from amendments to the course or cancellations. Course materials are supplied only for your personal use.
IMDT Australia remain the owners of all intellectual property in course materials. No part of the materials may be copied, recorded or reproduced without our permission

Course Feedback


The best 4 days you can have! I have no dog training background just a simple pet owner who got hooked on training. The 4 day course is so much fun and you learn so much!! I was very nervous but with the help and support from the fellow students, Laura and Fiona I was able to run my own 20 minute class by day 4 (something I have NEVER DONE). I would highly recommend this to anyone just starting out or even to someone already in the industry as you learn so much! Thankyou so much for an amazing 4 days!!!

The best 4 days!


The 4 day practical course is everything you need to run successful doggy classes including your confidence being boosted if you are a nervous Nellie like me ! Over the 4 days you get to practice taking lots of classes and breaking down different training excercises ! As well as lots of fun training doggies during the classes! The Ladies at IMDT are amazing at building and boosting your confidence and the group of students you learn with are so supportive of each other ! You start off with an example lesson plan and lesson from one of the lovely ladies at IMDT ! You start by introducing your name and what you are teaching on day 1 and by day 4 You have the tools and knowledge to run a successful 20 minute class. Please if you think you cannot do this because you struggle with confidence it is a safe space to learn and thrive ! On day 1 I did the worst possible thing you can do and got nervous and blanked in front of people Steph and Fiona were fabulous at helping me remember so I could continue and because I felt safe in the environment I grew in confidence more and more ! I thoroughly enjoyed this course and Fiona and Steph went above and beyond to help you thrive ! If I could do it every week I would !



With the support of the wonderful IMDT trainers Laura and Fiona, I dove head first into this course and loved every minute even though at times I was very nervous. The course title lives up to its name - there really is 4 days of practical training. You don't jump straight in to presenting to a group, Laura and Fiona step you through it and help build your skills and confidence over the course. Their support, encouragement and guidance are what set you up to succeed overcome the dreaded nerves and fear of public speaking. To my fellow students THANKYOU. Your support and encouragement really helped make this an awesome course. I come away with a wealth of knowledge, a new group of friends and a bunch of "notes" to boost my confidence going forward, and remind me of how far I'm come.



This course was a lot of fun!!! I learnt so many ways of training different behaviours and how to turn simple training into something fun! This course definitely helped me build up more confidence especially when trying new things and stepping out of my comfort zone. Everyone in the course is so supportive and Laura and Fiona have a world of knowledge to share.



AN AMAZING COURSE, I JUST LOVED IT! This course is all about getting out there and teaching classes, building your confidence, so much practical experienced gained by doing this course. The attendees and presenters were all welcoming and very supportive of each other. I has the best 4 days training my dog as well as learning! SO MUCH FUN!



Amazing course! I learnt so much from the IMDT team and have found some new confidence for incorporating some fun new ideas into classes. The feedback is invaluable and the other trainers made for a supportive and uplifting group!

Georgia Kerr


As a total beginner to the dog training world i was really nervous about doing this course and I'm not going to lie day one was a real struggle . Being around so many knowledgeable people I questioned wether or not I belonged in the course - BUT by day 4 I confidently gave a full 20 minute class! I can't recommend this course highly enough the wealth of knowledge I have taken away from Fiona, Laura and all the other people on the course is amazing :) and I'm looking forward to doing all the other courses!

Thanks again for all the support and encouragement especially when I thought I couldn't do it - Sian

Sian Randall

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